Love School is a simple idea. It was dreamed up on a roadtrip somewhere between Nashville and Cincinnati back in 2013. It was birthed out of a hope and passion to inspire and challenge others to live bolder, more intentional lives for Jesus. And so far, I've found this journey to be quite inspiring for my own life and faith.

Love School began as a collection of videos of people who have a deep desire to live for something greater than themselves; to live for the One who created them; the One who gives them breath. It then grew into a collection of interviews about people, their faith, and what inspires them in life. Next, it became a feed of love and encouragement.

And now, it's a journey about what people love in life. I feature a different person every day (just about) and ask them what they love and post them here and on Instagram. It's fascinating what you learn about someone when we take a minute out of our day to stop and reflect on what we love and why.

Love School is young. It's still learning how to crawl. It needs your patience and encouragement to learn how to walk. New adventures take time to evolve.

Thank you for following me on this journey. I truly appreciate it.

Much love.